POWERbreathe for Medical Conditions


POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training is clinically proven and beneficial for the following medical conditions:

  • IMT for other conditions where dyspnoea is present

    • Because Inspiratory Muscle Training influences dyspnoea directly at a cortical level, it is also helpful for managing other conditions where dyspnoea is present, in addition to COPD and asthma. These include:

      • Elderly people18 (with non-specific dyspnoea Copestake & McConnell, 1995) 
      • Neuromuscular disease1 
      • Parkinson's disease2 
      • Prior-polio3 
      • Spinal cord injury4 
      • Sleep apnoea and snoring19 (Heijdra et al., 1996) 
      • Exercise-induced paradoxical vocal fold motion13
  • Inspiratory muscle training helpful in other medical conditions

    • Inspiratory muscle training has also been shown to be helpful in other medical conditions, including: 

      • Muscular dystrophy
      • Multiple Sclerosis
      • Voice and speech disorders
      • Postoperative pulmonary complications
      • Restrictive thoracic disease
      • Severe chronic pulmonary hypertension10 
      • Inspiratory stridor11 
      • Duchenne muscular dystrophy12 
      • Tetraplegia14 
      • Myasthenia gravis15 
      • Bronchiectasis16 
      • Chronic hemodialysis17
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The Research

Links to research papers, published in peer-reviewed, high quality scientific journals. As well as original studies, we have also included some articles that review IMT; these have been written by experts in this field of research.

  1. Neuromuscular disease1

    Parkinson's disease2


    Spinal cord injury4

    Muscular dystrophy5

    Multiple Sclerosis6

    Voice and speech disorders7

    Postoperative pulmonary complications8

    Restrictive thoracic disease9

    Severe chronic pulmonary hypertension10

     Inspiratory stridor11

    Duchenne muscular dystrophy12

    Exercise-induced paradoxical vocal fold motion13


    Myasthenia gravis15


    Chronic hemodialysis17

    Elderly people18

    Sleep apnoea and snoring19



How to get a POWERbreathe medic

  • Available on prescription
  • Ask your GP
  • For prescribing
  • NHS Supply Chain Stock No: FDE524
  • PIP Code: 232-1040

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