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  • Training: Get some air


    Postado em Abril 4, 2013
    por PB Admin

    Training: Get some air

    Our POWERbreathe friends and distributor in the Netherlands, Trainjelongen, contacted us as they were delighted to see an article about how training your breathing muscles can improve cycling performance. It appeared in the Cycling magazine, ‘Fiets’, which has the largest circulation for cycling magazines in the Benelux.

    The reason for their delight? Well the article, originally written by Nick Morgan from Bike Radar/Cycling Plus and translated into Dutch by Fiets magazine for their readership, discusses ‘evidence that improving breathing ability may be more important than previously thought, and that endurance athletes can improve simply by paying attention to...

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  • POWERbreathe in Pharmacy Business


    Postado em Fevereiro 14, 2013
    por PB Admin

    POWERbreathe in Pharmacy Business

    On Thursday February 14th 2013, Pharmacy Business showcased POWERbreathe. Pharmacy Business is a monthly magazine especially for independent and community pharmacists. Here’s the feature that appeared online:

    POWERbreathe - strengthening your breathing muscles

    POWERbreathe strengthens and conditions your breathing muscles to cope with physical exertion. Stronger muscles equal less fatigue and greater endurance.

    There is also a big psychological benefit. When breathing feels easy you are able to push yourself harder and delay the effects of metaboreflex, when the blood supply to your working muscles is restricted and...

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  • Breathe Deep, Ride Easy - with POWERbreathe


    Postado em Dezembro 13, 2012
    por PB Admin

    Breathe Deep, Ride Easy - with POWERbreathe

    ‘Breathe deep, ride easy’ is an article featured in the latest Cycling Fitness magazine that looks at ways to add extra power to your cycling, and features our very own POWERbreathe.

    Chris Sidwells, the article’s author, begins with the notion that we may be taking the muscles that power our breathing for granted. If cycling makes us out of breath then that should be enough, shouldn’t it? Well not quite…

    Chris explains how when your brain registers that you’re struggling to breathe, it diverts oxygen from your peripheral muscles, such as your legs for example while cycling, to your breathing muscles. “If this happens when you are...

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  • Running Fitness April 2012 - Every Breath You Take


    Postado em Março 22, 2012
    por PB Admin

    Professor Alison McConnell, author of Breathe Strong, Perform Better, has written an article, Every Breath You Take, for the April edition of Running Fitness Magazine.

    Writing about breathing muscle training (inspiratory muscle training), once viewed with scepticism, she explains why it is now seen as one of the ‘quickest and easiest’ routes to improved performance.

    “Intense breathing muscle work activates the (vascular) reflex, causing limb blood flow to be restricted, impairing delivery of oxygen and removal of muscle metabolites. The good news is that breathing muscle training increases the intensity of breathing work...

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